This Women’s Month, we are celebrating the women who defy the odds, who break boundaries, and who embrace their differences.

We have just launched a brand new range of jewellery that completely rips apart the boundaries of what jewellery “should” look like.

Our newest collection features black zirconium steel rings, hand-crafted especially for you. The defiant black colour of the zirconium steel ring makes the ultimate statement.

Each ring is hand-carved from a solid block of zirconium, the diamond is then set before undergoing an intense heating process which gives it a highly scratch-resistant oxide surface layer – the heating process is what gives it its black colour. Because it is not plated, the ring will never lose its black colour.

Select your diamond from our options on the website, and we will custom make you a zirconium ring that sits perfectly on your finger. The zirconium ring is hand crafted by our expert craftsman for a one-of-a-kind result.

Diamonds not your thing? We offer a plain zirconium band too, hammered or smooth. This also pairs perfectly with your engagement ring as a wedding band.

Break the boundaries and be DEFIANT.

Complete the form below to enquire about our DEFIANT rings. Remember to specify that you would like a DEFIANT ring and, if possible, add your ring size. Also enquire if you would like a specific diamond that we do not have on our website.