Find Your Ring Size

Want to buy a ring, but don’t know what your ring size is? Use our ring size chart to help you out.

If you are not able to measure your ring or finger, estimate whether you are a XSmall, Small, Medium, Large or XLarge and order the size in the middle.

If you are between sizes, order a larger size. Make sure your finger is at a normal body temperature (fingers shrink or expand when cold or hot). If your knuckle is much larger than your finger’s base, take two separate measurements and choose a size in between. You want a ring to fit over your knuckle, but not be too loose or it will shift around.

If you have ordered your ring and it is too large or too small, please email with information on your ring and we will send you information on retrieving and resizing your ring. Please note that if your ring needs to be resized by more than 3 whole sizes (not half sizes), we may need to remake your ring completely.