Practical Advice for choosing an Engagement Ring

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  • 6 September 2020
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Buying an engagement ring is the epitome of romance, but we often get so caught up in choosing the right stone, the right metal, and getting the fit right that we forget important practicalities.

Buying an engagement ring is a massive undertaking. Not only are you proposing to the person who has changed your life and declaring your desire to spend the rest of your life with them, but you also need to ensure that you get their ring size correct and that you purchase something they’re going to absolutely love wearing. You’re also going to spend a whack-load of cash, so here are some of the practicalities to consider when buying:

1. Personal Style

What does your partner like to wear? At home, at work, hanging out with friends? Have a look at the colours they like, jewellery they wear, the kinds of fabrics, patterns and colours. Chat to their friends, hack into their Google searches (jokes), or take this short quiz to help you decide.

Once you’ve (hopefully) figured it out, a jeweller will be able to guide you towards a ring design that suits their style.

2. Lifestyle

Hopefully, your partner will wear their engagement ring for the rest of their lives, so it’s important that it’s comfortable enough to not have to be taken off for specific activities. You need to think about how it will fit into their everyday lives:

  •  Do they work in a job where they take care of people (physical therapist, doctor, nurse, teacher), or in an industry where a lot of work is done with their hands (landscaper or chef)? If the answer to these is yes, it’s perhaps best not to buy a ring that has elevated diamonds (like in prong settings).
  • Are they athletic – netball, indoor cricket, swimming, yoga? Remember they’ll need to take their ring off if they use their hands too much for sports.
  • Is your partner a DIY type, or into painting, gardening, pottery? Then think about rings that are easy to clean.

3. Budget

We know what you’re thinking: why wasn’t this number 1 on the list? While researching engagement rings you’ve probably let off muffled squeals of panic over prices. Luckily, there are ring options to suit every budget. 

Figure out what you can afford. Even if you plan to finance the purchase, you may be stuck with heavy debt well into your engagement or even your marriage. This may put extreme pressure on your finances unnecessarily.

4. Ring Size

This is hella important. Depending on the ring option chosen it can be a huge mission (and expense) to have it re-sized. It can also be a little anti-climactic if you have an outlandishly audacious proposal and then have to send the ring back to the jeweller. 

There are many tips and tricks for determining their size, our best advice would be to try borrowing a ring they wear on their ring finger and take it to a jeweller to get it sized. Good luck!

5. Insurance

You wouldn’t buy a car without insuring it. Not only is an engagement ring a considerable financial investment, but a sentimental one. And while you may never replace that exact lost or stolen engagement ring, it will give you peace of mind that you have protected your investment. 

Let Stonz assist you with choosing the right ring option and creating a one-of-a-kind piece for your special person – contact us now.

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