Engagement Ring Advice: Involve Your Partner in the Selection Process.

Gents, your lady wants to be involved in choosing her engagement ring. Ladies don’t leave it up to your man unless you’ve shown him the exact ring you want.

An engagement ring embodies your relationship, and because of this, it is the most prized and important piece of jewellery that you or your fiancée will ever possess. So, let it be an expression of who you are as a person, and who you are as a couple. Designing your own ring will take more time than buying one already assembled (both in the creation and manufacturing thereof), but we can assure you: it’s worth it.

 Here are some points to consider on the journey of creating your ring:

  1. Time – you’ll need to decide on your stone (or stones!), and your metal. Then you’ll need to find some designs that you like (you can have a look on our Instagram page or website for inspiration) and schedule an appointment with us to chat through your options (you can contact us here). Your ring will take around 2 – 3 weeks to manufacture. Our suggestion is to start planning a few months ahead of your engagement.
  2. Cost – Many folks are under the assumption that a bespoke ring costs more, this is not the case. However, it is dependent on your choice of stone and metal.
  3. Wedding band – if you’re going to have a wedding band, it’s important that your engagement ring matches your choice of band, both in style and fitting. We advise designing your wedding band and engagement ring at the same time for a seamless pairing.
  4. Style – remember that as the years move on so will your sense of style. Try to opt for something timeless and classic, rather than being swept up in yearly fads. This applies to both the stone you choose (colour and cut), and the setting on which you decide.

 Steps in designing your ring:

  1. Choose your stone – a diamond isn’t all about what it says on the piece of paper, the GIA rating, or the price. You’ll instinctively know which one you want.
  1. Decide on a setting – each engagement ring style has its advantages. Some styles are light, simple, and elegant. Others may be more eye-catching and decorative. And yet others are designed for durability – if you’re busy, active, or work with your hands a lot. There are a vast number of settings to choose from, but the three most common are: 
  • Solitaire – these feature only one stone. Chic and timeless.
  • Halo – this type of engagement ring features a ring of diamonds around the centre stone. Allowing for more embellishment, but still elegant.
  • 3-stone – laden with meaningful undertones, this setting provides for two matching stones on either side of the main stone. Magnificent and majestic.
Ring Styles

Remember to consider the height of your setting. Stones were set higher up in the past, but do not always fit with our more modern lifestyles. Ensure that the design of the collet (the part of the ring which holds the stone) securely holds your stone and does not allow for too much dirt to gather.

Engagement ring settings
  1. Pick a metal – your choice here is driven by your stone and setting, as well as being able to match the precious metal of your engagement ring to the other jewellery you wear most often. Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold are the most popular metals. If you want a more elaborate setting, choose a lower karat for greater malleability. Platinum is an excellent option for more elaborate settings, and titanium ensures that your stones are tightly secure (although it is very difficult to resize).

Have a look at our most recently designed engagement rings here, or on our Instagram page, to find inspiration. Alternatively, you can book an appointment and we’ll guide you through the process of choosing a stone (we have various diamonds of all cuts, colours, clarity and carats at our offices), a setting, and, a precious metal.

Engagement rings

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