Cleaning and Storing Jewellery: Expert Tips and Tricks

If you’re like us, and you love jewellery, you probably have A LOT!

That’s why we’re here to assist in suggestions to properly store and clean your beloved jewellery so that it doesn’t get tangled, tarnished, or broken. 

Let’s start with storage:

How you store your jewellery has a direct effect on its longevity – metals can tarnish, chains can tangle, and stones can become dull. As a general rule, all jewellery should be stored out of direct sunlight and in an area with regulated temperature. Avoid storing precious metal jewellery in humid places, like your bathroom, as this will speed up tarnishing. If you live in a particularly humid location, then extra care should be taken and a little more cleaning applied. It’s also a good idea to keep your jewellery away from an area where there is free-flowing air, to not allow dust to gather.

Tips on how to store each jewellery type:


Valuable rings should be stored in their own small display boxes to avoid abrasions from other rings and stones.

Another option is to purchase a multi-ring holder which can fit neatly into a drawer or have a ring holder on your dressing table (as long it’s kept out of direct sunlight).


Chains tend to tangle, so the best tactic to avoid this is to hang your chains up. You can hunt for a jewellery organiser display cabinet, or try these DIY options:

  • Coat hanger display: Get yourself a wooden coat hanger, screw some small hooks in the underside and hang it on the wall or inside your wardrobe.
  • Wooden frame window display: This works in very much the same way as the coat hanger display – If you have wooden window frames, screw small hooks underneath the frame and start hanging!
  • Pinboard display: Buy yourself some funky drawing pins, a cheap corkboard, and pop your necklaces on.

Some necklaces are too heavy or bulky for hanging, so in these instances it’s best to keep them in the boxes they came in or line them neatly in a drawer with dividers.


Bracelets can also become knotted, so we advise keeping them unclasped and in a straight line when being stored. Be conscious of also keeping them in boxes or dividers, and out of sunlight.


A great way to store drop earrings is on wire mesh earring displays – this avoids getting them tangled, and it’s also an awesome way to view all your earring options in one place. Stud earring can also be stored on wire mesh, or in boxes, while hoop earrings should be clasped and stored in dividers to prevent them from hooking into each other.

What about cleaning precious metals and stones?

General precautions

  • Put your jewellery on after applying mosturiser, lotions, and any hair products (like hairspray).
  • Try and avoid your jewellery when spraying perfume.
  • Remove jewellery when washing your hands.
  • Don’t wear jewellery when washing dishes or cleaning the house.
  • Take off your jewellery when swimming or going to gym.
  • Don’t expose stone jewellery to harsh temperature changes.

Cleaning precious metals

A few drops of dish soap mixed in some warm water is all you need to keep your gold and silver jewellery looking good. Put smaller pieces in a strainer before putting them in the solution and soak all your jewellery for 5 minutes, swish them around and then take them out and lie them on a soft cloth. You can go over any settings, crevices, and chain links with a soft toothbrush to dislodge any additional dirt. Rinse everything under running water and buff dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning precious stones

Diamonds are famously hard-wearing but can still get dirty, especially in and around the settings holding them in place. Follow the steps above and then use a cotton bud or soft orthodontic brace brush to get into any harder to reach places. When cleaning diamond jewellery it’s advisable to avoid using abrasive or corrosive products, like bleach, toothpaste, or chlorine, as these can all dull your diamonds’ brilliance and sparkle.

If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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