Size: 1.00 - 1.49 ct.

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0.65 Ct Oval Aquamarine
1.04 Ct Oval Peacock Sapphire
1.38 Ct Oval Light Blue Sapphire
1.03 Ct Oval Blue Sapphire
1.37 Ct Oval White Sapphire
1.04 Ct Fancy intense Pink Heart Lab-Grown Diamond
Original price was: R89,000.Current price is: R80,900.
1.00 Ct F/VS2 Marquise Lab-Grown Diamond
1.15 Ct Fancy Yellow/VS1 Radiant Diamond
1.02 Ct Fancy Yellow/VS2 Emerald Diamond
1.00 Ct H/SI2 Pear Diamond
1.23 Ct K Faint Brown/SI2 Oval Diamond
0.60 Ct K/VS2 Round Brilliant Diamond
1.45 Ct Fancy Yellow Round Diamond
1.00 Ct Fancy Dark Yellowish Brown Round Diamond
1.00 Ct Emerald Diamond
1.01 Ct N/VS1 Oval Diamond
1.01 Ct I/SI1 Round Brilliant Diamond
1.00 ct Round Diamond
Hexagon salt & pepper diamond
pear salt and pepper diamond
round black diamond-Stonz ZA