0.88 Ct Trapezoid Salt and Pepper Diamond


Introducing the exquisite 0.88 Ct Trapezoid Salt and Pepper Diamond – a testament to the unparalleled allure of nature.

Stone type: Diamond Natural
Shape: Trapezoid
Measurement in Millimetre: 4.90mm(Deep) x 6.27mm(point) x 3.45mm(point)
Carat: 0.88 carat
Number of stones: 1
Salt and Pepper Diamonds are diamonds where the inclusions are clearly visible to the naked eye, and that is what gives them their unique beauty. The inclusions can be black, white, grey, brown, grey and many more. They are 100% natural diamonds!

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Introducing the exquisite 0.88 Ct Trapezoid Salt and Pepper Diamond – a testament to the unparalleled allure of nature.

– Stone Type: Salt & Pepper Diamond
– Shape: Trapezoid
– Measurement in Millimetres: 4.90mm (Deep) x 6.27mm (Point) x 3.45mm (Point)
– Carat: 0.88 carat
– Number of Stones: 1

Embrace the Unique Beauty:
The Trapezoid shape of this Salt and Pepper Diamond is a marvel to behold. Its distinctively geometric silhouette showcases the captivating inclusions, transforming each angle into a canvas for nature’s enchanting artistry.

A Tapestry of Inclusions:
Salt and Pepper Diamonds are renowned for their visible inclusions, providing a captivating tapestry of nature’s unique formations. The interplay of black, white, grey, and brown inclusions within the Trapezoid shape creates a mesmerizing tableau of natural elements.

Endless Customisation Opportunities:
With a substantial carat weight and the distinctive Trapezoid shape, this diamond offers limitless possibilities for creating a bespoke jewellery piece. Collaborate with our award-winning jewellery designers and skilled goldsmiths to bring your vision to life.

Crafting Bespoke Elegance:
Dreaming of a custom-made jewellery piece that resonates with your individuality? Our team is dedicated to transforming your ideas into reality. From conceptualisation to creation, we specialise in crafting bespoke designs that accentuate the inherent beauty of each diamond.

100% Natural Magnificence:
Rest assured that this Salt and Pepper Diamond is 100% natural, preserving the authenticity of its origin. The visible inclusions serve as a testament to its natural allure, establishing a connection between the wearer and the Earth’s ancient processes.

Tell Your Story in Stone:
If the 0.88 Ct Trapezoid Salt and Pepper Diamond has captivated your imagination, connect with us. Let’s embark on a creative journey to design a bespoke jewellery piece that narrates your unique story. Elevate your collection with a diamond that encapsulates the beauty of nature and individuality.

Additional information
Diamond Cut

Diamond size

0.70-0.89 Ct

Stone colour

Grey, Salt & pepper

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